Arctic Frost - Exclusion of Hope

1.The sombre tones of existence02:28
2.Ex-votos to the stigmatized05:50
3.Revelations rewritten on human flesh05:18
4.Exclusion of hope07:13
5.Cold winters night05:29
6.Sentenced to hang05:44
Total playing time32:02

Black Metal
Belgium (Mechelen, Antwerp)
EP, Old Temple
December 29th, 2008


Aktarum - Gang of Trolls

1.Troll's Story01:08
2.Fight To Death04:15
3.Black Troll03:52
4.Jurassik Troll04:22
5.Gang Of Trolls04:28
6.Troll In The Forest03:48
7.Rock'n Troll03:36
8.Spiritual Troll04:27
9.Introll Army01:30
10.Troll Army05:09
11.March of the Trolls00:44
12.Victory Troll04:07
13.Troll Bard02:23
14.Imperial Troll03:32
Total playing time55:52

Black/Folk metal
Belgium (Wavre, Walloon Brabant
Full-length, Independent
January 8th, 2010

Aryan Kampf 88 - N.S.B.M. - Anthologie d'un Kombat Belge

1.Gestapo Holocaust01:56
2.88 The Number of Purity01:05
3.Mein Kampf03:29
4.N.S.B.M. Radical Propaganda02:25
5.Deathyelling from the Block #1100:23
6.Remember 193300:42
7.Quand la Solution Finale commença02:09
8.Ashes & Snow05:38
9.Belgik Fierté03:35
10.Tristesse d'un Recueillement Mélancolique02:09
11.Für unsere Helden...03:29

Total playing time31:18

NS Black Metal
Belgium (Bruges, West Flanders)
Full-length, Wolcnum Records
July 11th, 2009


Heimat - Sibbevader

1.Sibbevader's Intrede (Intro)02:28
4.Teutoonse Wouden04:48
9.Het Zelf04:02
10.De Zoektocht Naar De Identiteit Van Een Volk (Outro)04:37
Total playing time37:44

Folk/Black Metal
Belgium (East Flanders)
Full-length, Nepherex
April 30th, 2008

Inocculta - Before Withering

1.Amor Fati06:23
3.Kindled By Innocence05:05
4.Towards The Existence04:18
5.Ineffable Renaissance05:02
7.Last Grace05:23
8.Dawn Of Decline05:43
Total playing time41:12

Black Metal
Belgium (Brussels)
Full-length, Self released
September 2007

Kludde - In Den Vergetelheid

1.Branden In D'Helle07:13
3.Ignis Fatuus02:49
5.Kludde III04:26
6.Nachtmaere II06:05
7.Het Zout Der Mistroost06:37
Total playing time42:32

Black/Sludge Metal
Belgium (Aalst, East Flanders)
Full-length, Sandstorm
January 2008


Lemuria- Tales, Ale and Fire

1.Gerstenat (With Brim-Filled Pints)03:49
2.Mournful Beauty04:14
3.A Day of Reckoning07:55
5.Thor's Hammer05:09
7.As I Die...06:35
8.Gerstenat (The Last Sip)03:21
Total playing time40:08

Folk Black Metal
Belgium (Antwerp, Antwerp)
Full-length, Independent
February 19th, 2005


Means to an End - Weathered by Time

1.The Result of Seclusion05:06
2.Oppressive White Light09:04
3.Bound to a Bleak Past08:26
4.Legacy of Failure08:51
5.Weathered by Time07:05
Total playing time38:33

Depressive Black Metal
Belgium (Belgium & USA)
Full-length, Pest Productions
March 30th, 2010

100% recommended, a masterpiece in my opinion...


Paragon Impure - In Commemoration Of Ish Kerioth

1.A Man Of Karioth, Praised06:15
2.The Ballad Of Judas Iscariot07:28
Total playing time13:43

Black Metal
Belgium (Willebroek-Blaasveld, Antwerp)
EP, Painiac Records
October 6th, 2004

Gotmoor - Pain Provider

2.Hate Addiction03:01
3.Three Sisters of Sin05:25
4.Depopulator Supreme02:55
5.The Trial of Mankind01:07
6.Fear Konstruktor03:01
7.The Abjection of Abhorrence00:40
8.I Am The God of Anal Torture03:55
10.Dread My Coming03:05
11.The Judgement00:56
12.Family Man03:44
13.Bunker Assault01:06
14.Last One Standing03:15
15.Dying Life01:26
17.Sentenced To Oblivion01:37
Total playing time43:44

Black Metal
Belgium (Waasmunster, East Flanders)
Full-length, Lugburz Productions
August 30th, 2005

Grimfaug - Blood Upon the Face of Creation

2.Circadian Madness05:14
3.From My Darkened Soul05:15
4.Nacht und Nebel04:25
5.Opus to the Dark04:29
6.Abyssmal Essence04:06
7.I Am Hell...05:19
8.Distant Cries From the Black Void05:20
Total playing time37:34

Black Metal
Belgium (Houtland)
Full-length, Pestilence Records
March 2004

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Eole Noir - Décharné

2.Jusqu'à leur perte03:43
5.Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes06:07
Total playing time16:17

Raw Black Metal
Belgium (Verviers)
Demo, Thor's Hammer
January 2010


Toorn (Bel) - Galgenberg

2.De Ondergang11:42
4.Het laatste Oordeel11:48
6.Memento Mori15:22
Total playing time01:02:50

Black Metal
Belgium (Berlare, East Flanders)
Full-length, Independent
October 9th, 2009


The Reckoning (Bel) - Counterblast

2.Downward Discipline04:15
3.March To Your Death03:28
4.Heap of Wretchedness04:00
7.Nailed To Iniquity04:22
8.Level of Containment03:57
9.Bleed Divine06:52
10.Dead Shall Rise03:01
Total playing time39:23

Black/Death Metal
Belgium (Westerlo, Antwerp)
Full-length, Shiver Records
June 20th, 2008

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Trancelike Void - Destroying Something Beautiful

1.Prelude: Descent02:56
2.Part I: Everything Fails11:56
3.Interlude I: Daydream02:52
4.Part II: Fragile Consciousness08:40
5.Interlude II: Nightmare02:49
6.Part III: Total Desolation08:10
7.Epilogue: Escape03:58
Total playing time41:21

Black Metal
Belgium (Scherpenheuvel, Flemish Brabant)
Full-length, ATMF / De Tenebrarum Principio
April 14th, 2008

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Quaedt - PLAEGH

1....En Mijn Zwaard Zingt04:31
2.Diabolical Metamorphosis06:31
3.The Sound of Grimmness04:38
4.De Hoorndrager03:43
5.Collecting Souls06:31
6.Between The Walls Of Shade05:28
7.De Stille Plaag04:32
8.On The Darkest Clouds I Ride04:23
9.My Paradise Infernal06:57
Total playing time47:14

Black Metal
Belgium (Hasselt, Limburg)
Full-length, Iron Age Records
April 1st, 2010

Natrach - Devolution Manifest

1.Passive Hate04:36
3.Deprevation Gospel04:23
4.Where the Howling Winds Reign03:31
5.Filth With Joy03:44
6.Age of Decadence04:15
7.Revival of the Fittest06:25
Total playing time32:41

Black Metal
Belgium (Geel)
Full-length, Christhunt Productions
September 20th, 2010

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Ancient Rites - Fatherland

2.Mother Europe04:39
5.Season's Change (Solstice)05:35
6.13th of October 130703:20
7.Dying in a Moment of Splendour07:17
8.Rise and Fall (Anno Satana)04:58
9.The Seducer03:57
Total playing time45:59

Folk/Viking Metal, Black Metal
Belgium (Diest, Flemish Brabant)
Full-length, Mascot Records
August 31st, 1998

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Original with covers
Mika Luttinen (Impaled Nazarene) - add. vocals on "The Seducer"

Embraced by Death - Tortured

1.The Growth02:38
2.Blood Runs05:53
3.Tortured Body02:44
4.Never Be Real07:56
5.Feast Of Blood03:10
6.Final Peregrination02:39
Total playing time25:00

Black Metal
Belgium (Brugge, West Flanders)
EP, None
January 2005


Crux Dissimulata - Expédition Punitive

1.Heretic Burnt Poetry04:46
2.White Wolf Cries08:20
4.Ars Militia: "Loyauté Conscience & Vigilance"06:10
5.Cult of Betrayal04:06
6.Décénnies De Cynisme04:21
7.Division Straight Edge06:37
8.Dans L' Embrasure Du Soleil D'hiver08:50
9.Sacrilegious Terror05:54
10.Gloire A La Nouvelle France (Akitsa Cover)
Total playing time58:45

Pagan Black Metal
Belgium (Liège)
Full-length, Battlefield Records

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Lugubrum - De Totem

1.Intro: Beer01:23
3.Udder of Death04:47
4.De Totem06:29
6.Beard of Disease07:18
7.Midgets of Evil05:27
8.Inner Magma04:57
9.Reet Reel01:25
11.Outro: Oui Maitre03:20
Total playing time50:51

Black Metal
Belgium (Lovendegem, East Flanders)
Full-length, Berzerker Records

Lycanthropy's Spell - Chaos, Death and Horror

1.When Darkness Takes The Sky04:40
2.Immortal Hordes05:03
3.In A Raging Battle04:41
4.Werwolf (Absurd cover)02:38
5.Lycanthropy's Spell03:50
Total playing time20:52

Black Metal
Belgium (Oostmalle, Antwerp)
EP, Darkmare Records
April 2003


Moribund- Phantom der Nacht

1.Les Ombres de l'Empire

2.Phantom der Nacht


Black Metal
Belgium (Chenée, Wallonie)
EP, Painkiller Records


Verloren - In Zalvend Onmin

2.Doelloos Dwalen04:59
3.De Vloek Der Negatiefheid07:24
4.Onder Het Juk Der Somberheid08:53
6.In Zalvend Onmin11:11
7.Prophecy Of A World Aflame07:31
Total playing time50:32

Black Metal
Belgium (Puurs-Breendonk, Antwerp)
Full-length, GoatowaRex
October 20th, 2006

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