Grimfaug - Defloration of Life's Essence

1.....As Foretold (Holocaust)05:44
2.Solar Demise05:47
3.Pest & Plague06:14
4.Despoiler Of Hope03:41
5.Defloration Of Life's Essence05:13
6.Damnatio Ad Bestia05:16
Total playing time38:50

Black Metal
Belgium (Houtland)
Full-length, Eerie Art Records
January 22nd, 2007

Vuurdood - In Vlaamsche Velden...

1.Last Post01:40
2.In Vlaamsche Velden03:49
3.Armoed en Heidendom02:17
5.The Power of the Horned Ones02:33
6.Van 't Juk Bevrijd (Bonus)04:13
Total playing time16:13

Black Metal
Belgium (Hasselt, Limburg / Flanders)
EP, Self-released
February 1st, 2010


Merda Mundi - III

1.Enlightment (Intro)02:47
2.Be The Opposite02:41
3.... Para Bellum03:19
4.The Awakening (Re Recording)05:05
5.Burnt Blood04:11
6.March Till Death07:03
7.The Dawn No More Rises (Dark Funeral Cover)02:56
Total playing time28:02

Raw Black Metal
Belgium (Mons, Hainaut)
EP, Autoproduction
October 2nd, 2008

Free: Myspace

Yhdarl - Drone Nightmares - I - Endless Mental Wounds

1.Agnus Dei03:32
2.Slowly, the Earth Starts to Decompose30:00
3.When Even the Flesh Refuses the Light10:12
4.Face Yourself Through the Rotten Mirror18:36
Total playing time01:02:20

Drone/Doom/Black Metal
Belgium (Mons, Hainaut)
Full-length, Independent
November 1st, 2007


Absolutus - Nihil Mali Non Inest

Total playing time12:38

Black Metal
Belgium (Liège, Liège)
EP, Melaskhole Productions
March 10th, 2008


Sombre Labyrinthe - Heptagram Rising

1.The Rising I05:18
2.L'Âge Du Vice04:19
3.Existance Blafarde05:41
4.Ciel De Jais04:35
5.La Bouche Du Mort04:42
6.Célébration Funeste03:10
7.The Rising II06:55
Total playing time34:49

Black Metal
Belgium (Brussels)
Full-length, Egg of Nihilism May 1st, 2008

Oceans of Sadness - Between Heaven, Earth And Beauty

1.Forgotten Symphony II02:25
2.Together, Yet Alone04:11
3.The Last Stage05:52
4.The King Of Nevermore04:20
5.My Own Private Angel05:11
Total playing time27:00

Death/Black/Gothic Metal
Belgium (Dessel, Antwerp)
Full-length, Private Print


Tapetum Lucidum - Machteloos Bestaan

1.Machteloos Bestaan08:43
2.Het Pad en de Ziel04:47
3.Jaargetijde des Doods05:29
5.Uit de Schaduwen Verrezen07:23
6.De Ondergang07:46
7.Vuur der Duisternis02:02
Total playing time39:15

Black Metal
Belgium (Geel, Antwerp)

, Sun & Moon Records
April 6th, 2008

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